99 Emotional Sorry Quotes for Him: Epic Messages to Light up more Love

Need some sorry quotes for him? You’ll get the best sorry quoteshere.

Well, sometimes it happens that partners do fight in relationships but there’s nothing to be worried about because that’s a good sign that you love each other.

But making things better again can be a difficult task, right?

Do you know how to apologize to your boyfriend for hurting his feelings?

Well, it’s not a big deal because there are many ways like giving gifts, apologies and many others, but the best one is sending some sorry lines for him with pictures, that can make things better.

And how to say sorry to your boyfriend in a text? You can try some of the best sorry quotes for him and send him to show, how much you care for him and don’t want to lose him.


Below are 99 best emotional sorry messages for boyfriend that can really help you here.

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I’m Sorry Quotes for Him

Are you feeling sorry now? That’s great because being sorry is a great thing that only a few can do. You have these I am sorry quotes for him that you can send.

Try these sorry quotes and show him that how much he matters to you and things will be better again.

  • A silly heart is waiting for your forgiveness.
  • I’m extremely sorry that I hurt the most caring and amazing boyfriend in the world. Please forgive me!
  • A relationship without fights is not a true relationship. Fights make us stronger if we know how to compromise. And I want to learn how because I want to be with you forever. I’m sorry for what I did. Please forgive me. 
  • I am so lucky to have you. Sometimes I forget about that and say things that I don’t really mean, but I want you to know that you’ll always be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so sorry for hurting you.
  • Admitting that I was wrong is still hard for me, and I’m still learning. But it’s a journey, and I’m doing my best to be a better person for you. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
  • Maybe my words “I am sorry “, do not mean that much to you now,but I am truly regretting what I have done.Please, forgive me.
  • I know, you may say that I’m not trying to be a better person for you, but believe me, I’m doing my best. I appreciate your love and support, and I don’t want to lose it. Sometimes I just think too much. Please forgive me.
  • It’s hard to believe you still want to be with someone as crazy as I am. It takes a lot to be as patient as you are, and I really appreciate it very much. I’m sorry for making you feel this way. I love you. 
  • I may have hurt you when I said goodbye, but I suffered for it too. I’m so sorry and I want you back.
  • Everything I do, I do it to make you happy, but sometimes I make mistakes that hurt you. We can talk about it as long as you want because that’s the only way to make this relationship strong and everlasting. I’m sorry for making you feel this way.
  • This fight made me realize, how much important you are to me. I am really sorry.


Sweet sorry messages for boyfriend

Adding some sweetness to your words can melt someone’s heart easily. Try these sweet sorry messages for boyfriend and define your love for him.

  • I am sorry my love. Let your heart forgive me!
  • Baby, seeing you upset makes me upset too. I am sorry, and I love you so much.
  • I know I can be too rude and overreact from time to time, and I’m really sorry for my behavior. I never mean to hurt you. I love you more than words can define.
  • You’re angry with me, and for that I am sad. I’m sorry if I said something that made you mad.
  • Hurting you is the last thing I wanted to do. It was never my intention. I’m sorry love.
  • If I treated you badly in any way, know that I am really sorry and I really want to make amends.
  • I’m sorry to make you cry. I’m such an onion.
  • We had a silly argument and I admit it was my fault. Sorry. I’ll never disappoint you again.
  • Baby… I’m sorry! Please forgive me and prove that kindness is still alive in this cruel world!
  • I think it’s very important to say sorry when you feel like you have messed up and I certainly did. That’s why I’m really sorry.
  • You’re right. I do act like a little girl from time to time. I know it makes you angry, and I’m really trying my best to get rid of this bad habit. You are the one who can help me become so much better. I’m sorry, baby.
  • Do you know why I do stupid actions? Because I know my boyfriend has a big heart, and he takes nothing more seriously than our relationship.


Heart Touching sorry messages for boyfriend

Well, touching someone’s heart by words is the best way to say sorry in a text but the thing is, your words should be right here.

The quotes below will make it easier for you to get the right words because these are the best romantic sorry quotes for him from the heart.

  • I can’t express my feelings except to say: I’m really sorry.
  • Sometimes we fight with each other, but you know we also love each other so much. I would rather lose the fight than upsetting you. I am so sorry.
  • You’ll always be the love of my life. I’m so sorry if I failed to make you feel that way.
  • Love is really painful when the one you love is angry with you. Please take away my pain by accepting my apology.
  • I didn’t mean to hurt you. Sometimes I do wrong things, but I’m really trying to be a better person for you. Yes, I make mistakes, but I’m always ready to fix them. Please forgive my words.
  • I admit that I was wrong. For me, the most important thing in this world is our relationship, and I really want to be with you till the end of our life, so let’s talk about everything and make it work. I’m sorry, please don’t be mad. 
  • Let me apologize to you for my wrong words. It happened accidentally. You are the best man I have ever known. Love you. Please forgive me!
  • Just know that I will be waiting for you until you forgive me. I’m Sorry.
  • If I could wish for one thing, it would be for the ability to turn back time, so I can start again, and not do all the terrible mistakes I’ve done over the lifespan of our beautiful relationship. I am terribly sorry for making you sad. Please forgive me, I love you.
  • I will do anything to have you right beside me to hold you. I’m sorry that I hurt you.


Emotional Sorry Quotes for Husband

Fought with husband? Well, not a big deal because making things better again will be easier for you this time.

The sorry quotes for husband below are specially crafted just to ensure that you’ll never be left out of words while apologizing.

  • And the thing is, I know I’m a terrible person. And I’m trying to be better. And I know it’s not good enough. And I’m sorry.
  • There is just one thing I want more right now to make this right. It’s the smile I get to see on your face when you come back home to me. Please forgive me. I love you.
  • I have never felt that much empty in a house full of memories. I truly can’t do anything without you. So please, forgive me.
  • You’re the sun of my sky and the star of my nights, and I want it to always be that way. Forgive me for doing wrong, please!
  • I’m sorry that I overreacted. I just want you to understand and hug me saying, “Everything is going to be okay.”
  • My dear husband, we are family and I don’t want to lose it. I’m very sorry for what I did. Please forgive me. Love you and miss you so much!
  • Being your partner is really a huge privilege for me. I feel the pressure. I promise I’ll do everything to make you feel like the most special person in the world, but sometimes I make mistakes that hurt you. I am really sorry for that.
  • You are the love of my life. Sometimes I do things that hurt you, but I want you to know that I feel extremely sorry for that. I promise you to be better. I love you, don’t be mad.
  • It took me much time to realize that I was wrong. I’m sorry for hurting you.
  • My love, my man, I’m very afraid to lose you, so I want to apologize from all my soul. You are the best thing that could have happened in my life. Love you!
  • Ever since you came into my life, I became a better person. Just don’t let me go back to being that person I was before. I’m sorry.


Romantic Sorry Messages

Need something romantic? These are some of the best romantic apology texts that you can send to your boyfriend or husband.

These romantic sorry messages for boyfriend will surely make his heart melt and not only just text but we have some pictures too. Try these romantic sorry images for husband so that he can get how much you love him.

  • Oops! I am sorry.
  • This is a message, not from the phone but from the heart of your girlfriend. Here she wanna say “I’m so much sorry, my sweet boyfriend!” Please pardon her.
  • Can I say sorry? I was a stupid girl. Let me show you how much I love you. Waiting for your message.
  • In your arms again is where I want to be. Please accept my truest apology and make it happen because I love you so much.
  • Can you forgive me? You are the best man in my life. I really miss you and want to hug you. Please, don’t be angry at me!
  • I’m really sorry, my anger got out of control. Please place your hands in mine and forgive me.
  • I cherish the love we share, and I miss your kisses. Sorry for saying what I really didn’t mean.
  • I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, I hurt people. But when I say sorry, I meant it.
  • Just like always, I am apologizing with folded hand. And just like always, please hug me forgiving all my mistakes. I love you, sweetheart.


Heartfelt Apology Quotes

Need some sincere apology quotes? You can try the sorry quotes below and I ensure you that after reading you will definitely say them as perfect apology messages to my love.

Try these quotes and say, yes! these are some awesome forgive me messages to my love.

  • I never meant to put you through pain, I promise, to never do this again.
  • I will do anything to have you back. Please, accept my heartfelt apology! I’m really very sorry.
  • Don’t be mad at me. I’m really sorry for that. Please, forgive me.
  • Sometimes I do things that hurt you because I can’t control my emotions. It’s not your fault, and I’m really sorry for making you feel like it is.
  • My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you. Please plug the holes with your forgiveness. I am sorry.
  • Our paths are so connected that is practically impossible to separate them now. So, I beg you, please forgive me, and let’s start our relationship over. I love you.
  • I didn’t think that what I did was so terrible. Please forgive me for behaving so poorly.
  • Our love story is not over yet. Let’s start our next chapter with an apology from me. Sorry for what I did.
  • I miss you so much, my love. I want to feel you next to me. I’m really sorry and I hope that you will forgive me.

I know, you are mad at me. And all that I can say is sorry for the wrong I did. I’m really sorry.



I am Sorry Quotes for hurting you

Being sorry will never get old because this shows that you are a person who gives more importance to the relationship than the fight.

That’s why we have some of the best sorry for my mistake messages that you can try.

  • I don’t know I am wrong or right, but please forgive me and let’s not fight.
  • Sometimes, life turns things into a way where selfless and beautiful souls like you, end up with dumb people like me. I am really sorry for everything I’ve done wrong and everything I will do if you take me back. I want you to know how much I miss you and how much you mean to me. I love you a lot.
  • Sweetheart, You are the reason for my every happiness. I didn’t want to hurt you at all. I am deeply sorry.
  • A love like ours is really hard to find. Please forgive me if I hurt you.
  • I am terribly sorry that I let all of this anger and frustration out, and vented it onto you. It was a terrible mistake to do and I sincerely apologize for everything. Please forgive me. I love you.
  • I know, you are angry at the way I behaved, but can you please forgive me?
  • I’m broken inside! I didn’t think that would hurt you like this. Please, reduce the distance between us. I’m really very sorry my handsome.
  • Let’s make a pinkie promise to never fight again, baby. I feel sorry for making you mad, and I don’t want you to feel bad because of some stupid things I’ve said. You are my biggest treasure in life. I love you, please forgive me. 
  • I’m really sorry for my inappropriate words. I know that it hurt you. Forgive me!
  • I have done many stupid things in my life, but breaking your heart truly is the pinnacle of my stupidity. Please come back to me. I love you.
  • I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings; I take back my words! Hope you’ll forgive me.



Sorry Love Quotes for Him

Looking for sorry love messages? For you, we have love quotes for him saying sorry and that kind of sorry message is the best.

These quotes can be both “I love you and I’m sorry messages”, and then you can show both the things to him, your love and your apology. Try these sorry I love you quotes for him and make things better.

  • I apologize not because I am wrong, but because I value our relationship more than my ego.
  • Without your presence, I can’t live a happy life. There is sadness everywhere and minutes go like an hour. Please come back to me. I’m so sorry my love.
  • Please don’t let this little spat ruin the beautiful relationship that we have. Please accept my apology. I’m so sorry.
  • My lovely man, I want to apologize to you for my stupid speeches… I’m feeling terrible now. Please, don’t forget that I love you from all my heart.
  • I know it’s my fault you’re mad, I know I did something, you just don’t tell me, because you don’t want me hurting, I know you are kind-hearted, but please forgive me, for whatever I did wrong…
  • No explanations, no buttering, all I want is you please accept my sorry. I’m sorry by heart, this won’t be repeated ever again!
  • You know I am stupid, you know I love you, you know I am crazy, you know I can’t live without you. You know I want you to forgive me, you know I will not stop without a hug. I am sorry, please forgive me.
  • I am sorry! If you want, I am ready to wear the ‘I Am Sorry Plate’ for the whole day. Please forgive me. You know I love you.
  • The person who forgives has a bigger heart than the one who apologizes. Please forgive me, I am sorry.



Sorry Messages for Him

At the last, again some best I’m sorry messages for him that you can send.

But yes, these all are cute sorry love quotes for him. So, it will be more heart-touching and cute. Try these sorry quotes for him.

  • I’m sorry! I know it is hard to forgive me.
  • I’m so sorry if I insulted you. I really do think that you’re perfect in every way.
  • My dear man, I was wrong…I promise, that it will never happen again… I’m sorry…
  • Love is not easy. We all make mistakes, and I do that so often that I can’t believe you are still with me. But you are, and I know that’s because you love me. Believe me! I’m doing my best for you. Forgive me!
  • My sweetheart, I’m feeling terrible but I want you to know that everything that I told you is not true. I did not think so. Give me one more chance to prove it.
  • Forget the past and forgive me for all my mistakes. Let’s make a fresh start with a big cheer on the face. I am sorry.
  • I am truly sorry for my words and actions.
  • When love is strong between two persons, it does not matter who apologies first. The thing that matters is they are together. I am sorry, please forgive me.
  • I have complete trust in you and this is the reason I keep repeating my mistakes. Please forgive me again, I won’t do this ever.



Conclusion: Sorry Quotes for Him

Above we have shown some of the best cute ways to apologize to your boyfriend that will really help you now.

And we hope that you liked these sorry quotes and messages. Don’t be worried because everything will be fine. Fighting with your partner is a normal thing and in every relationship there are fights. 


So, don’t think much about it. Just try to apology him and things will be better.

If these sorry messages and quotes help you a little bit then please share this post so we can be happy too. Have a great and beautiful day.

Thank you for reading these sorry quotes for him.



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